About Chitra Pournami Pooja And Importance

In the Tamil calendar Chithirai, on the pournami day, Chitragupta is worshipped with devotion by women who follow Hinduism. It falls anytime between April 15 and May 15 each year, depending on when the full moon is seen. This was an auspicious day when Goddess Parvati gave life to a painting (Chitira), who gave birth through the divine cow, Kamdhenu, on the special day of Chitra Pournami. Chitragupta is the associate of Yamadharmaraja, the King of death. Chitragupta was given the job of keeping account of actions performed by every human being on earth and preparing a balance sheet to be narrated to Yama when the soul reaches his abode.

About Chitra Pournami Pooja

Why is Chitra Purnima prominent for Hindus?

Chitragupta, the lieutenant of Yamadharmaraja, has a significant role to play in deciding your fate after death. Chitragupta was created by Brahma to help Yama while deciding on the destiny of the soul. All the records of the acts done on earth by human beings are maintained by Chitragupta and passed on to Yama to decide what needs to be done further. So it becomes important to appease Chitragupta by doing good acts so that he oversees your bad actions. On Chitra Pournami day, invoke his blessings and get your records straight.

Do not miss this opportunity to garner the blessings of Chitragupta and get your sins erased from your records. It is also believed that Chitragupta is the God of Ketu; therefore, worshipping Chitragupta on Chitra Pournami would please Ketu, and any doshas in your horoscope can be set right. Chitra Purnima day is ideal to worship Vinayaka as he is the Vighnaharta (God who removes obstructions in your life), eliminating doshas. 

Chitra Pournami Pooja Description

Chitra Pournami is the day when the star and the moon come close to each other. It is the Chitra star that embraces the moon on this special occasion. Poojas are performed in the temples, and devotees visit the holy ghats to take a dip to cleanse their sins to grasp the virtues to carry to the other world. During this day, people take the holy walk or Girivalam in Thiruvannamalai. During this day, primarily women in the household observe fasting, perform pooja and feed the poor. Observing the pooja vidhi as per the scriptures can bring immense goodness to the family. 

On this propitious day, the women of the household perform special pooja according to the rituals practised by our ancestors. The naivedyam for Chitragupta is prepared without adding salt. Chakkarai pongal and payasam with moong dhal are prepared without adding cow milk; instead, buffalo milk is used. The reason is Chitragupta was born from the womb of Kamadhenu, the divine bovine, and as a mark of respect on Chitra Purnima day, dairy products are not consumed. The pooja is done with the utmost respect and on completion of the pooja, donate vegetables, rice, dhal and money to the deprived in a bamboo mesh sieve called Muram.

Chitra Purnima is the day when the southern entrance is decorated with kolam, and once the pooja is over, the kolam is wiped off. Ambal is worshipped on this day as history shows that Indra worshipped Shiva in Madurai with the golden lotus where today’s Meenakshi Amman Temple stands. Therefore, the prominence of venerating Ambal and Kallazhagar has been followed for centuries.

Chanting The Pranams Can Be Beneficial

Kann Kalikkumpadi kandukonden Kadambadaviyil
pann kalikkum kural veenaiyum kaiyum payodharamum
mann kalikkum pachai vannamum aghi mathangar kula
penngalil thondria emperumaatithan perazhage

Praise Chitragupta and invoke his blessings for a happy and sin-free life.

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