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Effects of Ketu in 12 Houses of Kundali or Birth Chart

Effects of Ketu in Different Houses

Ketu which is also known as South Node of Moon represents isolation, aloofness, travel, Nature wandering, spirituality, foreign things, foreign culture, foreign food, air travel, wind diseases etc.

Ketu always posited in 1-7 axis to Rahu which is always opposite to Rahu or 7th position from Rahu in every birth chart.Good position and placement of Ketu in horoscope makes one very intelligent, spiritual and good in technology. There will not much health problem if Ketu is favourably placed in your Horoscope. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the placement of planet Ketu in your horoscope.

ketu in different houses

Below are the effects of Ketu in all 12 Houses in Natal Chart:-

Ketu in 1st house or in Ascendant in Kundli:-

Ketu in 1st house in birth chart gives talkative nature but much maturity , wisdom in life. Native will be very spiritual and will posess healing power after the age of 48. Native may also become psychologist, physiotherapist if Ketu is in 1st house. Ketu in 1st house gives secretive clandestine love affairs even after marriage.

Ketu in 2nd house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 2nd house gives financial problem and hindrance in saving money in life. Ketu in 2nd bha can also give defect in delivering speech or some communicative problem for native in young age. South Node of Moon in 2nd house sometimes gives dyslexia to person. Ketu in 2nd house makes native stammer in early age but it will be overcome by native in young age.

Ketu in 3rd House in Kundli:-

Ketu in 3rd house gives lot of wealth in life after 48 years of age. Native will have decent communication skill, charm and optimistic attitude towards life. South Node of Moon in 3rd house makes natie struggle hard for attaining success in their career. Ketu in 3rd Bhav makes native lover of technology and expert in Computer Science.

Ketu in 4th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 4th house can give blood pressure issue, hear failure, miscarriage and troublesome domestic life especially after marriage. Native will attain peace in their life after 42 years of age. Many wishes of the native may remain unfulfilled and he or she will not be satisfied with their life. Wealth will come in their life after 40 years of age.

Ketu in 5th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 5th house will give problem in child birth and relationship with progeny will not be cordial or favourable in old age. Ketu in 5th house also gives failure in higher education and overall in college life. Native may not be able to complete their Education on time. South Node of Moon in 5th house also gives failures and dejection in love affairs if looking for long time commitment.

Ketu in 6th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 6th bhav gives success in the field of police, secretive services, health sector, insurance sector, Automobile sector etc. South Node of Moon in 6th house can make you a good Nurse or Dentist or Physician. Ketu in 6th house gives success in case of litigation and agriculture. This shadow planet in 6th house gives success over competition, rival , difficulties only after initial failure or hurdle.

Ketu in 7th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 7th house gives success over enemies. Ketu in 7th house gives failure in married life. Native may get divorced or have unsatisfactory married life. Partner might cheat native weather in marriage or in business. Native will also have secret scandals and bed pleasure outside marriage.

Ketu in 8th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 8th bhav in horoscope gives success in the field of Astrology, consultancy, occult science, spirituality, travel blogging, tarot reading etc. South Node of Moon in 8th house gives solid foundation for native in their career from early age but native misses many opportunities in life. Ketu in 8th house can make you a good yoga teacher or psychologist or Jail superintendent. This shadow planet in 8th house also gives high intuitive power and wisdom in life after 50 years of age.

Ketu in 9th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 9th house gives dejection, failures, useless wandering till 30 yaers of life in their career. Native may face financial problem till 35 years of age. South Node of Moon in 9th house makes native travel abroad but very low chance of native settling in abroad. Native can become scholar, teacher, spiritual guide for many people in their life with high number if followers. Native may also become a good writer and reporter.

Ketu in 10th house in Kundli:

Ketu in 10th house makes native achieve late success in life. Native can have career in still or textile manufacturing industry or in iron industry. South Node of Moon in 10th house can make native become chief electrical engineer or mechanical engineer. This shadow planet in 10th house can also make native deal with cotton, garments and jute and agricultural product in life.

Ketu in 11th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 11th house gives success in the field of politics, media, acting, dancing, singing, painting, writing etc. South Node of Moon 11th bhav will give native high income and high position in life from middle age. Ketu in 11th house can also make native software engineer. There can be problems regarding child birth or health of children.

Ketu in 12th house in Kundli:-

Ketu in 12th house will make native a religious scholar and will get success in the field of spirituality. South Node of Moon in 12th house makes native achieve salvation and enlightenment in life after 55 years of age. This shadow planet in 12th house gives success in foreign land and popularity through religious and charitable work. Ketu in 12th will make native very wise, intuitive and peaceful saint in old age.

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