Forecast for the Month of March 2014

General predictions are indications of the possibilities in the lives of people born under specific moon signs. Predictions for the month of March are based on general derivations arrived at from planetary movements in the cosmic path. Personal predictions will differ if they are more accurately calculated by studying Padas and Major or Minor planetary periods in birth charts.

Forecast for the Month of March 2014


General monthly predictions for signs:

Aries: A favorable month in all aspects! Your sincere efforts will be rewarded. It is important to have control over the choice of words while communicating. New alliances may take place. New opportunities will be beneficial. New partnerships and commitments will enhance prospects. Minor injuries may worry you. Father’s health needs attention. Students will find more energy in the second half of the month.

Taurus: Have a relaxed mind and avoid impulsive behavior to enjoy good relationships. Proposals for love will turn positive. In business you will make profits, and you will have new projects. In your profession, simple efforts will bring rewards. Nerve, tooth and eye problems may become cause of worry. Students, who are trying for higher education abroad, will have the opportunity to go abroad after overcoming initial hurdles.

Gemini: Disturbances in the family life will affect you. Hard work will help you find new opportunities. Business related to textiles, house interiors, beauty products, communication gadgets and stock market will see improvement. Doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, professionals in Biotechnology and Finance officials will have a smooth month. Some may face obstacles from the opposite sex. Students will get recognition for their creative ideas.

Cancer: Domestic unhappiness at the beginning of the month will make you restless. Those having a good career can expect raise in their salary. Those who are in family business have to be cautious not to reinvest or diversify business. Realtors can expect good business at the beginning of the month. You can enjoy favorable time in your profession. Students should avoid being overconfident.

Leo: You will enjoy good relation with your spouse at the beginning of the month. You will handle your career well with your creative endeavors. Pharmacy, human resource, consultancy, publishing, advertisement related business may give good results during first two weeks. Attorneys, Professors, Law enforcement officers and finance professionals would enjoy name and fame. Students studying architecture, fashion designing and textile, computers will fare well.

Virgo: You may purchase your dream house. Minor issues in the family will get resolved amicably. Married couples will have to handle their relationships carefully. Maintain a professional approach for handling the issues in your career. Businesses in stock market, textile, interior decoration and hotel management will perform well. Professionals like attorneys, teachers, journalists and editors will find favorable opportunities during the second half.

Libra: Ego clashes may take place between couples. You will manage finance well. Investments may even fetch you immediate good results. It is favorable period for new business. Telecommunication, Electronics, Agri-products, wood related businesses will reap profits. Those in IT, Banking and Accounting will get recognition. Students will do very well in competitive exams.

Scorpio: Though married couples will enjoy harmony, lovers have to be careful while communicating with each other. Long standing financial issues may not get resolved now. If you are pursuing a career, you may have to take additional responsibilities. Businesses are likely to expand. Those who are involved with education related business, management, medical equipment and computer hardware will do well. Students pursuing higher education will be rewarded.

Sagittarius: This month you will enjoy good relation with your partner. This is the right time for lovers to get into permanent relationship. You will be financially strong too. Travelling for your job will keep you busy. Whether you are a professional or owner of a business, you will gain recognition for your attitude. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher studies will get an opportunity.

Capricorn: A favorable month for couples and lovers! You will be comfortable with your finances. You may face minor obstructions in work front, which can be resolved with proper tactics. However, the month ensures good growth in business. Students should be encouraged to talk about their problem areas and take necessary guidance.

Aquarius: Try to reduce pressures or tensions of your partner and share some happy times together. Finances will be stable. You are required to work hard for your career. Businesses will have moderate gains. Professionals will have to work carefully and get work done in time.

Pisces: You should remain calm and focus on your priorities. Difference of opinion in the family should be handled carefully for the maintenance of peace and harmony in the second half of the month. Though expenditure will exceed your income, you will manage your finances and also gain through your investments. You have to manage the pressures of work through proper strategies. Students will need to develop more concentration for desired results.

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