How to Clean Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a sacred bead closely associated with Hinduism, especially Shaivism. Found growing like a seed in the Elaeocarpus Granitus, an evergreen tree growing in the Himalayan foothills in Nepal, India, and Indonesia, it is used as a prayer bead in Hinduism. Rudraksha is derived from ‘Rudra,’ a fiery form of Shiva, and ‘Aksh’ denotes teardrops.

According to legend, Lord Shiva was deep in meditation for 1000 years. When he awakened from the meditation and opened his eyes, teardrops fell to the ground, enveloped by Mother Earth as seeds. They blossomed into Rudraksha trees.

The ‘Jap Mala’ in Hindu tradition uses Rudraksha to chant sacred mantras. The Rudraksha is also said to have healing powers and curative benefits. It can protect you from negative influences, help you overcome hurdles, and bestow good health, peace, and prosperity upon you. It can remove mental stress and cure diseases.

How to clean Rudraksha

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How do you take care of a Rudraksha? It is no ordinary bead and is spiritually energized. Therefore, take utmost care while handling and maintaining the Rudraksha. You may need to clean the beads once in two months or once a month in sweaty and warm climates.

When you first receive the Rudraksha, you must condition it. Immerse it in ghee (clarified butter) for 24 hours, and then soak it in full-fat milk for another 24 hours. Then, wash the bead with water and wipe with a clean cotton cloth. The conditioning can be done once in six months. It may alter the color of the bead as it is a natural one. The color of the thread may come out during the conditioning, which is normal.

Do not use any soap water to clean the beads. Follow a simple process of cleaning the Rudraksha. Show the beads under a tap with running water for a few seconds and gently clean with your fingers. Otherwise, you can use a soft fiber brush if it has a lot of surface dirt. Later, keep the Rudraksha on soft tissue or absorbent cloth, allowing it to dry. Once the beads are dry, use a few drops of olive oil on the beads, and use a soft fiber brush lightly.

Do not use strong detergents or hot, boiling water. Avoid wearing the Rudraksha while taking a bath. Please do not use any other product on the beads as it may affect the quality. Please do not leave the beads dry for too long, as they may tend to form cracks.

Keep the Rudraksha aside when you take a bath. If you are in the gym or undertaking any sports like swimming, keep the beads aside. The Rudraksha is meant to be worn all the time. If you are uncomfortable wearing them at night, you can keep them in a safe, clean place. Ensure the beads are free from sweat particles. Wear them in the morning after taking a bath. The Rudraksha takes a minimum of a week to be continually in touch with you to get activated. Try not to keep them away for long hours, as they tend to go into slumber mode. Women can wear the Rudraksha too.

Never exchange Rudraksha beads with other members of the family. The bond between you and the Rudraksha is through frequency tuning and allowing a third party to wear the beads would make it lose the energy completely as it comes in contact, with a different body. You can engage in spiritual practices like meditation to derive maximum effect, positive energy, and guidance.

Do not let other people touch or handle your Rudraksha beads. You may not be aware if they exude positive or negative energy. It may reduce the positive effect of the beads. Also, their hands may not be clean. So, avoid anyone touching your Rudraksha.

Try to wear the Rudraksha as continuously as possible for the best positive results. If you have frequent gaps between wearing the beads, chances are you may not get the proper effect. Rudraksha beads are strong and have a long lifespan. You can maintain them properly for the best positive effect or results.

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