Jupiter Transit 2016
Sarveswaraanaam  dhishanesthi nithyam
Saannidhyam asma dishanenukoole
Praayonukoola sakalascha deva
Sthal praathikoolye sathi nanukoola

This sloka tells us that Guru represents all gods or divine forces. If Guru is favourable, the native will get all favours. Guru is the most benefic planet. It offers graces liberally. It is also judgemental. But unlike Saturn who is very rough and tough, Guru gives lenient results.

On August 11th, Jupiter transits from Leo to Virgo. As per Varaha Hora, Guru in Kanya rasi is,

Boudhey bhooriparischatha athmaja
Suhruth sachivya yuktha sukhee

Meaning, guru will be having lot of residences, dress and such facilities and also enough children friends and holding important executive positions and comforts. It will affect various moon sign people and different ascendant people.

Let us discuss how the transit is going to affect different groups. The results will be more prominent for those undergoing Jupiter or Moon or Sun maha dasa.

Prithwee midhunam kanni

Meaning, Virgo is an earthen rasi. It is up facing rasi also. It is a female rasi too. It is soodra rasi.

Soodra sthree mriga karkida


For Arians (Mesha), Jupiter is their 12th and 9th lord who goes to the 6th sign. What does 6th sign mean?
Sathru, rogam, rinam, choram
It is the house of opponents, debts, thefts and illness.

  1. Beware of sickness, Do exercise, Yoga etc as per Kalapurusha avayava,(means body part) , sickness may affect your abdomen.
  2. Beware of thefts.
  3. Be careful of enemies.
  4. 12 th bhava means journey and expenditure. Hence be careful of expenditure.
  5. Keep good relation with father and guru.

For Taurus (Vrischik rasi) Guru is 8th and 11th lord, who is transiting to 5th sign. 5th sign is the house of education and children. Guru going to 5th is always good. Taurus students can excel in their studies. They can think of higher education now. But be careful of health issues due to the 8th lordship of Guru.


Guru is the 7th and 10th lord transiting to the 4th sign. 4th sign means the house of family and motherhood for Gemini. Hence this transit is very good for your home, mother and people can think of constructing new houses, purchase of new vehicle etc. You will find happiness from career and home. Your public image will also be good.


For Cancer people (Karkida rasi), Guru is the 6th and 9th lord transiting to the 3rd sign. Guru going to the 3rd sign is not very good; it is the sign of valour, thoughtlessness brothers/sisters and neighbours, helpers etc.
The sixth sign is inimical. Hence chances of enmity with assistants and helpers and brothers and sisters should be avoided.

  • LEO

For Leo ascendant people (Simha rashi), Guru is the 5th and 8th lord occupying the second sign. Second sign means family and ancestral property and education. Hence the transit will increase income and family well being. Probability of a new child in your home is also a possibility.


For Virgo (Kanya rasi), Guru is the 4th and 7th lord occupying the ascendant. Hence for family, marital life etc time is good and prosperous. It, induces higher wisdom too. If not married, wedding bells may ring now.


For Libra people(Thula rashi), Guru is the 3rd and 6th lord transiting to the 12th sign. 12th sign means the house of journeys and expenditure. So journeys may increase and so also the expenditure. Health condition may also be bad. Situation is not good and may be unfavourable but be positive in your actions.


For Scorpio or  Vrischik rasi people, Guru is the 2nd and 5th lord which transit to the 11th sign. As we know the 11th sign is the house of income and fulfilment of all wishes. Hence wishes connected with money, family, children and their education, are expected to fulfil. Overall, very good period is seen.


For Sagittarians or Dhanu rasi people, Guru is the ascendant and 4th house lord occupying the 10th house. 10th house means the house of career. Hence the transit will induce improvement in ones professional life. New employment for the unemployed is also there. Particularly teachers will be benefitted. Promotion in career can also be expected.


For Capricorn or Makar rasi people, Guru is the 3rd and 12th lord transiting to 9th sign. 9th sign is the house of luck and fatherhood. The period will be good for spiritual or religious activities. Relation with brothers and sisters and also with the neighbours may give good results.


For Aquarius or Kumbh rasi people, Guru is 11th and 2nd lord transiting to 8th sign. 8th sign means the house of all obstructions. Hence avoid all risky investments and avoid lending money in the coming period since it may be dangerous.


For Pisces or Meena rasi  people ,Guru is the first and 10th lord. It is transiting to the 7th sign. 7th sign means the house of marriage as well as common public.Your approach in marital field, business etc will be appreciated. You may get awards and appreciation. Career wise the period will be positive. The period is particularly good for poets, drama, cinema and music professionals.

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