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Kleem Love Mantra – Meaning, Benefits, & Instructions

Kleem Mantra

‘Kleem’ is essentially the mantra of attraction. Its chanting is capable of generating love in the hearts of the people and through that, of creating, improving and cementing relationships.

Kleem is a widely used invocation. This is a Beej Mantra, a seed syllable or sound which can make the devotees access the powers of universal energies and get unique benefits out of them.

The mantra is made up of four syllables – Ka, La, Ee and M. These represent the various forms of the physical frame or the body and can provide one with higher consciousness.

Kleem Love Mantra

Mantra of Goddess Parvati

While this mantra is dedicated to Durga or Kali, the aggressive forms of the Goddesses, this remains mainly as the mantra for the divine mother, Parvati. She is the Goddess of compassion, love, and relationships, and hence this is believed to be a love-generating prayer, which can very well be termed as the love-mantra.

The Krishna Connection

Apart from Goddess Parvati, this mantra also remains associated with Lord Krishna, the eternal lover. He was the darling of the Gopis, the cowherds of Gokul, the place where he grew up. His childish pranks, the sports that he played there and the spirit of romantic love that he spread all round made him, an ultimate enchanter. It is no surprise that the Kleem mantra which invokes him too remains as a potential force which can kindle the noble feeling of love in the hearts of the people and bond them in close relationships with lovers, life-partners, siblings, family members, relatives, friends, acquaintances, and even colleagues and business associates. This can transform into universal love and compassion too, enveloping in its fold, all the beings living on our planet earth. This need not also remain as mere physical love, but can very well assume spiritual connotations too, developing into ardent devotion towards the Almighty.

Process of Chanting

Kleem mantra is indeed efficacious, but still, it is simple to recite and doesn’t have rigid rules to follow for its chanting. All it requires is a pure heart, focused mind, and unflinching faith.

This hymn can be recited aloud and also silently within the heart, as a form of meditation. The chanting can begin aloud, the volume can then be reduced gradually so that the recitation becomes soft, and later it can be internalized and continued as a mental, meditative process. This movement from a strong sound to a subtle and refined one can add to the strength of the mantra. This can also be played as audio in the background and people can listen to it at any time, they are working or resting. All these can help people immerse themselves in the mantra, and this can prove to be of immense merit. However, while the early morning Brahma Muhurt time is said to be ideal for chanting, married couple chanting it together will increase their intimacy and strengthen their relationship.

There are suggestions for reciting this mantra continuously for at least for 1008 times or in multiples of it, using the prayer beads for keeping count. The more the number, better will be its effectiveness, so that the devotee’s entire self, starts resonating with the sound and vibrating with the chant with passion and emotion. However, an essential requirement is a mind focused entirely on the chanting for this love-mantra to bear fruit.

Benefits of Kleem Mantra

Many are the benefits that accrue out of the Kleem Mantra recitation.

Kleem can bestow a person with an enormous power of attraction, both on personal and professional fronts. It can heal strains in relationships, create harmony, rekindle trust and lead to an enjoyable and fruitful relationship. The greatness of the mantra also lies in the fact that it will always work for the real and long-lasting benefit of the devotee, attracting towards them, only those who are really suitable and also creating genuine relationships which can prove rewarding in life in the long run.

As an ultimate benefit, this mantra can help in activating one’s Heart Chakra, the power center at heart and contribute to the sublime love for the divine.

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