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Mars Transit in Capricorn (February 26, 2022)

Mars will transit in Capricorn from 26th February 2022 until 7th April 2022. This transit of Mars will give gains and success after hard work as Mars will conjunct Saturn and Venus during its transiting period in this Capricorn sign. Many people will see good growth and success during this Mars transit. However, a few will climb the ladder quickly due to their hard work.

Mars transit in Capricorn sign can also give political success and success in the sports field for some people. Many people may acquire government jobs or work in the technology field during this time. Entrepreneurs can have significant gains during February and March 2022.

mars transit in capricorn 2022

Effects of Mars transit in Capricorn for all 12 Zodiac signs:-


Mars transit in your 10th house can bring enormous success and happiness in your life. Many Aries natives will experience gains, growth, success, and prosperity in their life. Some may buy property. There will be an increase in your income.


Mars transit in your 9th house may make you wealthy during this time. Your popularity and affluence may rise in society. Many business people will experience significant gains and profits from their endeavors. Success in most enterprises is entirely possible.


Mars transit in your 8th house may bring clashes and conflicts in your personal and professional life. Some people may get involved in litigation issues. There will be struggles and problems in your life. However, money may come your way quickly.


Mars transit in your 7th house may make you affluent and aristocratic during this time. Your lifestyle will improve, and some people will get success and happiness from a love marriage. On the other hand, some natives may get involved in a clandestine affair for a short period.


Mars transit in your 6th house may give you a good government job and authoritative post during this period of transit. Some politicians may rise to power this time. But, a few natives may get success and fame in sports and athletic fields.


Mars transit in your 5th house may bring sudden romance and a passionate love affair. Some married couples may get involved in extramarital relationships. On the other hand, there can be success in creative, entertainment, and artistic fields for some people.


Mars transit in your 4th house may give you gains from property-related work and real estate business. Some may earn money from selling agriculture and food products as well. A few may also acquire a good position in society through government or media.


Those in the field of media and writing will get success during this transit of Mars. Some may also acquire considerable gains in the marketing and advertising field. However, a few natives may also earn money from press work.


Mars transit in your 2nd house may make you wealthy and aristocratic during this time. Your influence and affluence in your workplace and your society will grow. As a result, there will be an increase in your income and overall savings.


Mars transit in your 1st may give political success and success in the showbiz industry. A few may attain fame in the sports field too. Entrepreneurs may reach new heights in their career during this time. There will be ample opportunity for growth for working-class people, even in the private sector.


Mars transit in your 12th house may bring foreign travel and foreign settlement in this period. Some people will attain success in their education or profession during this time. You may become wealthy as well. On the other hand, your love life may give sadness.


Mars transit in your 11th house will bring gains from various sources. Your contacts and friends will be beneficial for you. Some people may earn money from multiple sources during this time. Your social connections will help you achieve your goals and objectives this time. Your wishes will be fulfilled.

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