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Mars Transit in Scorpio and its effects on 12 zodiac signs

Mars is transiting in Scorpio sign from 5th December 2021 till 15th January 2022. Mars will be joining Ketu which will cause negative yoga but malefic effect of Ketu will be reduced till 15th December due to Sun transiting with Mars in Scorpio. The bad effects of Mars –Ketu transiting in the same house can cause wealth loss, psychological problem , lot of aggression for many native. Some people may use their energy in making scandals and breaking laws as well. There can be some domestic and social conflict in general in the life many human beings. Talk to Astrologer now to know more about the effects of Mars Transit in Scorpio according to your horoscope.

Mars Transit in Scorpio 2021

Although, Mars transiting in own sign may bless few people with success in the field of technology and engineering with innovative and creative mind.

Impact of Mars transit in Scorpio and its effects on all 12 Zodiac Sign:-

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Aries:-

Mars transit in 8th house will make Aries native struggle in every aspect of life till Mid- January 2022. There will be some discomfort and dissatisfaction towards personal and professional life. You need to check your temperament because you will be prone to anger and frustration during these days.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Taurus:-

Mars transit in 7th house with Ketu will make your love and married life suffer for time being. Taurus natives will have hard time focussing in their task due to tension in their personal and domestic life. Some money can come from collaboration and partnership or through help as well.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Gemini:

Mars transit in your 6th house will have edge over your competitors and at your work place. Some people will get fame and success in sports and athletics. Income flow will be fine. You may get some relief from legal issues.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Cancer:-

Mars transit in your 5th house will enhance your creativity dear Pisces. This transit of Mars will be good for occupation in entertainment and artistic field. Creative endeavours will give you success, wealth and fame.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Leo:-

Mars transit in your 4th house will give gains in your business. Work related to real estate or agriculture will be profitable. Although, peace will be lacking in your domestic and married life. Take care of your mother’s health dear Leo people.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Virgo:-

Mars transit in your 3rd house with Ketu can give you success through writing and communication dear Virgo people. Growth and popularity in the field of media, advertising, marketing is quite possible now.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Libra:-

Mars transit in your 2nd house with Ketu will give you good income but there will be no savings due to extra and unwanted expenses. Health of family members will also suffer. There can be constant struggle at work place due to work load. Some chaos and clashes with relatives or family members is possible.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Scorpio:-

Mars transit in your 1st house can give success and popularity at your work place. There will be growth in your career and income dear Scorpio. Some people may get married to their choice of partner. Although, your romantic life will be stressful and unhappy.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Sagittarius:-

Mars transit in your 12th house can give you success over your enemies and opposition. Success in politics or in government job is possible. Some people may settle in abroad during this time. Although, Sagittarius natives need to take care of their health.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Capricorn:-

Mars transit in 11th house will bring gains and rewards from multiple sources. Your income will increase. Capricorn sign people will see growth, increment and promotion in their occupation. Love marriage will be successful. Singles, may find someone very interesting.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Aquarius:-

Mars transit in your 10th house can give you amazing growth in career and all round happiness and prosperity for Aquarius natives. Aquarius natives will get good support of peers, and authorities. Success in artistic field, sports field and in politics is quite possible.

Mars Transit in Scorpio – Pisces:-

Mars transit in your 9th house with Ketu will give blessings and fortune from Almighty dear Pisces. You will be protected from any unwanted situations. Income will be good and your career will run well. Some people may get success in foreign land.

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