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May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Predictions

May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – General

Hey Scorpions, this would be a normal period for you. You need to plan your work carefully. Don’t be emotional on silly matters which may reflect badly on you. You should give priority to your love and family. Your individual care can give them real satisfaction. Your perfect attitude on social programs can enhance your image. You should avoid untruthful lifestyle which may degrade your image. You would go on a personal trip with your family which would improve new communications. Purchasing of assets is not recommended during this time. Your health will continue to see improvement if you adopt simple techniques in your diet.


May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Love and Relationship

In love and relationships, you would maintain friendly relationships with your love partner. You should have a flexible attitude towards your spouse. There would be happy moments with family members. You would maintain a strong relationship with those in your social circle which may bring you some genuine proposals for marriage.

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May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Finance

This would be an encouraging period for finance. Effortless benefits in finance may keep you delighted. You may get financial benefits from investments. Your maximum expenditure could be towards buying luxurious items. You should be reserved while spending on friends.

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May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Career

In career, you would effectively finish your assignments with colleagues’ help. Your dedication towards work would get appreciation. Your interaction with colleagues would create a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. There would be an increment in pay, or you may get a promotion.

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May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Business

Business professionals would be careful in work. You may get some opportunities and projects suddenly. You should be ready for some sudden travels for finishing some important errand. Your partners would be active and supportive to you.

May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Professionals

It would be a normal time for professionals. Don’t expect anything but you should continue doing everything connected to you. Your sincerity may save you from some of the tough situations which may come upon your work. You should be clear in your wordings, as people may provoke you. Your progress may be slow, but it can give you satisfaction.

May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Health

You may face minor health issues during this period. Pollution may affect you while traveling. You should take care in your diet and avoid oily food. You should do regular physical exercises to stay fit and fine.

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May 2019 Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Student

If you are a student, a plan for implementing your thoughts would be appreciable. You should give priority to the suggestions that come from your teachers or parents. You should deeply discuss your plans for a better understanding of the output of your thought. Your friends would be helpful for giving some guidance on your future path in education.

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Inauspicious dates: 4,5,8,9,10,12,13,17,19,22,27,28.

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