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Monthly Prediction for May 2014

Will there be better opportunities for growth in the coming days? General predictions for the month of May will acquaint you with the possibilities you will confront in various sectors of your life. The predictions however, may differ from personal predictions which are analyzed on the basis planetary transits affecting individual’s birth chart.

May Month Predictions

Aries: The month of May will support stable energies for the fiery sign Aries. You should handle communications carefully, be it for your personal or professional life. Financial sector will be comforting but still expenses will have to be kept under control. Professionals may not find it easy. There will be responsibilities and challenges. Intake of plenty of water and fruits will keep you safe from ailments. Students will experience good level of concentration.

 Taurus: There will be good bonding in the family and you will spend good time with your loved ones. Investments should be avoided for now and you need to hold the purse strings. Professionals will have to be sincere with their work and be careful of their enemies as well. A thorough health check up will keep you in good stead. Students can expect rewards for their hard work.

Gemini:  It will be a favorable month in all aspects. Smoothness in personal and professional life will keep you relaxed and contented. Finances will keep you comfortable. New relationships will be formed and marriage proposals will materialize. Professionals will be happy for their hard work and will be rewarded. Business will bring gains through new ventures. Problems relating to stomach, eyes and back may bother your health. Students should keep a check on rashness in their attitude or else it will affect their potentiality.

Cancer:  You shall experience success in all what you wish to undertake. Pending financial issues will get resolved and you will have gains through unexpected sectors. You will be romantic and more involved with your relationship. Professionals will have the opportunity to improve their stature in career and business will show growth and profits. Mental peace and physical fitness will ensure you sound health. Students will make their parents proud with their achievements.        

Leo: You will be able to manage critical situations and pay more attention to your family needs. Confusions with regard to relationship will get cleared and couples will be in a better position to decide about their future. You will gain better earnings through your profession and investments. It will be a good time for professionals. Their reputation will improve. You should take your food on time and include iron rich foods in your diet. Students pursuing higher education will do well.

Virgo: You will have different thoughts in your mind and should be careful not to take decisions in haste. Control your temper and irritability as it is a period of disagreements and there are chances for clashes of opinions. Finances will not be very smooth and you will have to contain your needs to ensure stability. Professionals should avoid controversies at work and remain sincere to their responsibilities. Health will require attention as you are prone to suffer from digestion related problems. Students should be willing to work hard.

Libra: You will be putting extra efforts to attain your personal and professional goals. Communications should be handled carefully to avoid clashes. Expected financial benefits may not reach you on time and it would be advisable to stay away from making commitments. Professionals should introspect their strategies in career and should take action on the loopholes. Investments in new ventures will not bring desired results. Your health needs attention. Students should believe in their abilities and be determined to follow their dreams.

Scorpio: You will be open to make some positive chances in your life. Communications will be pleasing and your list of contacts will increase. Couples will clear out their differences and work on improving their bonding. You will be able to pay off your debts and gain benefits from different sources. Professionals will earn appreciation for their hard work. Business people will benefit by venturing into new areas and signing new agreements. You need to keep a check on your diet and avoid eating junk. There will be favorable opportunities for students.

Sagittarius: It will be a progressive period for Sagittarians. Long journeys and new communications will give you hope and excitement. Children’s growth and success will make you happy. Unexpected gains will be possible through different sectors. Career decisions will have to taken after due consideration. Stock market business seems to be moderate but real estate will yield good profits. Health will remain average. Students studying arts and science will have the opportunity to fly abroad.          

 Capricorn: You will have to be patient as favorable results may not show up in the beginning of the month. Conjugal life would be average. Lack of sleep and irritability will affect peace at home. You should be careful with your finances and avoid impulsive buying. Efforts in career may not bring you immediate recognition but you should not show rashness in your behavior. Business will not be profitable; avoid investments and signing new agreements. You should eat well and increase your hours of sleep. Students should be willing to work hard.

Aquarius: Your energy levels will be high and you will feel stronger than before. Relations with family members will be good but you should avoid getting impulsive over minor issues. Finances will be smooth and you should use the time for making long-term investments. Professionals will be able to experience great honors and progressive results at work. Unnecessary fears and anguish may affect your health. Students will have to concentrate more for better results.

Pisces: You may have difficulty in making decisions and it is important that you do not make haste. Be careful of your words and actions as trivial issues may go out of hand. Finances will be average and it would be better to avoid speculations. Progress will be slow at work and your opponents will be stronger. You will have to be deft to overcome the challenges. Business communication should be done carefully. Take care of your diet and avoid outside food. Second half of the month will be better for students.

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