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Sleeping Direction as per Vastu: Which position is ideal

Sleeping direction as per Vastu: Which position is ideal?

Are you having trouble falling asleep at night? There are a few tips that one can follow to sleep better, such as darkening the room, setting it at a slightly lower room temperature, etc. But you probably already know that. When it comes to getting good sleep, let us tell you about how Vastu governs your sleeping space, and how you can use it to bid adieu to all your sleep-related problems. Get your free horoscope online

Vastu Shastra And Its Guiding Principles for Ideal Sleep 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that deals with the architecture, layout and structure of living, working and sleeping spaces based on the five elements of nature, i.e. earth, water, sky, fire, and air, combined with the eight directions. Other important aspects of Vastu Shastra are the gravitational and magnetic forces, based on which, the calculations are done to design and build a home, office or shop in a way that brings peace, prosperity and happiness to everyone living or working there.  We are always surrounded by positive and negative energies, and whether we want them or not, we constantly receive and radiate them. Therefore, it is crucial that you are sleeping in a space that has positive and harmonious energy for a sound and comfortable sleep. Moreover, Vastu Shastra has laid down some guidelines regarding the sleeping directions so that you receive favourable energies and avoid the malefic ones. The direction of the head while sleeping is given great importance in Vastu Shilpa Shastra. The prescriptions are as follows.

  •       Adults should sleep with the head towards the South or East
  •     Children should sleep with their head towards East
  •     Guests are allowed to sleep with their head towards the West
  •     Sleeping with the head towards the North direction is totally prohibited as per Vastu Shilpa Shastra

Get your free wealth prediction by date of birth and time  Let’s focus a bit more on the recommended sleeping directions according to Vastu.

Sleeping with head towards the South

The best sleeping direction as per Vastu is to keep your head towards the South while sleeping. This brings good health, fortune, quality of sleep as well as reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to Vastu principles, people in the business or professional field can greatly benefit by sleeping with their heads facing the South. As they have busy and stressful days, this can help them to get an uninterrupted sleep of seven to eight hours in the night. Consequently, they will be more radiant and pleasant during their waking hours of the day. 

Sleeping with head towards the East

Sleeping with the head in the Eastern direction is believed to bring good health, inclination towards spirituality, and increase in memory power and concentration. So, it is considered to be the best direction to sleep for students, teachers, scholars and authors as it can bestow them with good grades, new career opportunities and promotions. It will also help your mind to think more creative ideas in the morning.

Sleeping with head towards the West

Keeping your head towards the West while sleeping can bring name, fame, reputation and prosperity. For your guests, it is advisable to give them a room in which the bed position as per Vastu is facing towards the West. Many Vastu practitioners consider it a neutral sleeping direction that doesn’t bring any benefits.

Sleeping with head towards the North

The head should never be towards the North in your sleeping position as per Vastu because according to several traditions, only a dead body’s head is kept towards the North direction before cremation. According to Vastu rules, when the head is kept towards the North, the human body acts as a magnet with the head as its North pole. As a result, the North poles of the body and Earth will repel each other leading to serious drainage of energy.  It can also lead to stress, illness and disturbance in the mind.

Sleeping in diagonal directions

As per Vastu, sleeping with your head towards the North-East direction can harm your sleeping patterns. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your sleeping arrangements in a way so that your bed direction as per Vastu lies in the South-West and South-East directions. The North-West direction is considered to be a neutral sleeping direction.

Sleep Vastu: What should you do for ideal sleep?

At times, it takes only the small things and changes in your life to turn your fortunes around for the better or for the bad. Vastu Shastra shows how you can tweak your bedroom or sleeping direction to attract more positive energy and improve your life and relationships. Following these sleeping positions and integrating this into your bedroom spaces can help improve your health and life. While constructing a new home or renovating your existing one, ensure that you follow the principles of Vastu to ensure bliss. 

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