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Sun Transit in Aries and its Impacts (14 April, 2021) for 12 Moon Sign


Sun transits through a 1st house from your Moon sign. Sun is your 5th house ruler. Transit Sun in the 1st house is a neutral transit. This transit can give confidence in whatever you do. This is the time to exhume your leadership qualities and stay organized to see success. Little hard work and dedication will help to solve any problems. This is the time your talent gets rewarded or this is the time to enhance your skills. Be mindful about your egotistical tendency, as it may spoil your relationship with others. Avoid sarcastic remarks and have control on your language. This will help in harmony with people around you. Money is average. Do not make any false promises. No lending money as recovery may become a problem. Travel needs planning otherwise it is going to be waste of time. Romance is in the air, more fun and happy moments are likely. Stay away from any addiction which may be the cause for health issues in Sun transit Aries. Misunderstanding with authorities can disturb your work environment.

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Sun transits through 12th house from Moon sign. Sun is your 4th house ruler. He transiting in the 12th house is not a favorable transit. This can bring disputes and unnecessary quarrels in the family and spoil the harmony in domestic environment. Money is not promising. Expenses through house and vehicle can pull down your balance. Relationship sector is little shaky and can disturb your mood. Eye problems are likely. Stomach and indigestion problems can bring some discomfort in health. It is not going to be easy to balance work and family. Planning and spending quality time with loved ones will increase bondage with them. Travel is not fruitful and may cause sickness.


Sun will be going through 11th house from your Moon sign. Sun is your 3rd House ruler. This transit is a favorable one and bring positive result. Expansion in your friends circle is likely. This is the right time to meet people for making alliances, however, be prudent. Friends and relatives play an important role during this period. Short travel are likely and be beneficial. This period can bring some challenge in decision making and this can push you into depression. Be patient and cool. Professional sector is positive and will get support from higher officials. Due promotions will materialize and brings happiness. Try to take middle path at work place to maintain peace. Expenses through increase in comfort for you and family is indicated.


Sun is transiting in the 10th house from your Moon sign. Sun is the 2nd house ruler. The 10th house is very favorable position for this planets. This transit is favorable for setting and reaching your goals. More socializing and popularity among friends are likely with this transit of Sun. Personal and professional travel will bring success. Unwanted arguments in the family can disturb the harmony among the members. Meeting close friends and loved ones will keep you happy. This is the right time to forgive and seek for forgiveness to move forward in life. This transit boosts your creative and healing skills, take advantage of it. Health is going to be fine, however take sufficient rest to enjoy it. You will take new responsibilities and project in this transit and earn good name.

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The Sun is transiting in the 9th house from your Moon sign. This is not a welcoming placement for this planet. This is the time to accomplish your spiritual goals. Meeting spiritual and enlightened people are very much likely in this period. Their blessings will bring lot of peace and solace. Sun here can bring ego issues and stubborn attitude which could spoil your rapport with others esp with your family and close ones. Gains through friends is indicated. If necessary travel otherwise, it is going to be a waste of time and energy. Some health discomfort is likely due to over exertion. At the same time, previous illness can subside or some relief possible. Alignment with superiors and colleagues will be difficult because of your obstinacy. Some careless mistakes can bring your efficiency down, so care required. Money needs monitoring as some domestic expenses can pull your balance down. No speculation in this transit.


The Sun is transiting in the 8th house from your Moon sign. Sun is your 12th house ruler. The 8th house of obstacle is not favorable. Disagreement with family members can disturb your peace. This transit will make you capable of handling challenging situations. You will be daring but sometimes you will be dull and down. Stay optimistic and cheerful. Use your intelligence and shrewdness as trump card to handle any situations. . You seem to have got good repertoire and financially sound but unplanned expenditure can pull your balance down. Relationships are challenging, stay away from verbal duels. You will have to fight intelligent opposition this transit. Hone the swords of your wits for a mind blowing battle between brains. Avoid unnecessary visits to places of delightful interest. Especially places with huge gathering of people. Health needs more attention. Avoid eating out to remain healthy


The Sun is transiting in the 7th house from your Moon sign. Sun is your 11th house ruler. This placement is not an auspicious placement. However, this is a good transit to connect with friends and to increase social circle. But Sun in the 7th house of relationship will cause commotion and misunderstanding with spousal relationship. Stay cool and handle diplomatically. Past bitter experience can help in good things happening in business. At work you will get good support from your colleagues. Unscheduled professional travel will bring memorable moments. This transit is favorable for finance and long awaited loans could gets approved. However, proper managing of money is recommended. Season flu and fever would pull you down take sufficient rest. Family member health may cause some concern.


The Sun will be transiting in the 6th house from your Moon sign. Sun is your 10th house ruler. This position is favorable for this planet. This could bring happiness and joy to you from all walks of life. This is the right time to get involved in new ventures. You will be successful in whatever you do , this could keep you in cloud nine Your dominance would predominantly extend at home and at workplace. This could spoil your relationship with people around you. Your remarkable performance will be recognized and appreciated by your peers and higher ups. Investment in land and property will be fruitful. You would be driven forward towards expenses. Even though the expenditure coming your way might not be turned down, you need to tap on the outflow a bit to get into the groove. Health remains pink throughout this transit. However, over exertion can lead to energy drain.


The Sun is transiting in the 5th House from your Moon sign. He is your 9th house ruler. This transit is not very favorable. Sun here would make you become more sharp and sensible. Watch your words. Do not promise offering favor for anyone around you even your family, friend or a colleague at office. Do not share family secrets or professional secrets with anyone. This may fetch you bad name. Do not be over confident on certain things. You will be misguided. There might not be loses or unnecessary expenses happening. There might be a sense of detachment or unfamiliar events happening at work place. You could easily get disturbed at office. Those involved in business might be in a position of bother as payments might be pending from multiple sources. You have to undergo the waiting game to stay in the hunt. Do not get disappointed. As this is a stressful period this can cause some discomfort in health. Stay calm to stay fit.


Sun is transiting in the 4th House from your Moon sign. Sun is your 8th house ruler. This is not a favorable transit for this King Planet. This is the time for self transformation and that too in the right way. You may not be confident enough to face any situation. You have to think out of the box to handle situations. Avoid pointless arguments with unknown people. Support from opposite gender enables you recover confidence and hope. New friends and colleagues will change the way of life’s perspective. You will undergo transformations and take important decisions. You will spend money to revamp personality and appearance. Set your fitness goals to stay fit. There may delays in all your endeavors which will make you clueless and confused. Ensure awareness and keep track of the proceedings around you. You will be deceived for money and effort. Be prudent while handling money good advice from well-wishers and elders is important now. Health discomforts can make you confine for a while. Be aware of your eating habit.


The Sun is transiting through your 3rd House from your Moon sign. Sun is your 7th house ruler. This transit you have to be extra cautious in almost all fronts. Although it is not a worst transit, this position can be tricky and confuse you . Stay connected with the environment that you are in. Be it professional or personal, stay attentive and do not let your thoughts roam away. It is not a right time to get carried away with quick decisions. It is neither favorable nor worse. Patience plays a vital role. Do not let your emotions rule you. The hectic schedule and problematic scenario in work place is likely to continue this tranist too. You would be more involved in your work. There would be necessities for handling different tasks. Do not buy enmities. Some sort of confusions or uncertainty might exist initially for the first couple of months. Relationship with neighbors and friends may go for a toss. Stay calm.


The Sun is transiting in the 2nd house form your Moon sign. Sun is your 6th house ruler. This is the time you have to think out of the box to meet up daily expectations. Elegant decision making comes only after tiresome ground work. You could witness harsh reality which you might resist with your spiritual intelligence. Your interests would incline towards the spiritual and philosophical activities of religious masters and philosophical saints. You got to gain confidence and interest in life. This is to make you ready to face any situation. You would preach or advice others during their harsh times. They might acquire shelter in your words of advice. This transit you may have a feel of insecurity in career. Never ending chore at office or professional place where the demand for your presence cannot be substituted by others. There might be inconsistency at work place. Anger or hasty decisions never serve you, so stay calm. Undertake care and caution while taking important decisions. Although you might enjoy good rapport with your colleagues, you might get hurt easily. Never lose your frame of mind for those who don’t offer a word when it is of prime importance. Eye related issues and frequent headaches can trouble you,

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