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Venus Transit in Capricorn (27 February 2022)

Venus will be transiting in Capricorn sign from 27th February 2022 till 30th Match 2022. This transit of Venus in Capricorn sign may bring ample opportunities for many people to grow and shine in their careers. Those in the arts, showbiz world, entertainment, media, designing, fashion, advertising and marketing shall have good gains and success during this period of Venus transit.

Venus transit in Capricorn may also bring lovers together. Some people may get married to their lovers, and some may reunite after a long separation as well. In addition, some people may attain popularity through acting, singing, writing, and painting during this time.

venus transit in capricorn 2022

Effects of Venus Transit in Capricorn for all 12 Zodiac signs:-


Venus transit in your 10th house will bring success and growth in the field of arts and entertainment. Some people may shine in the media and sports fields as well. Those in the marketing, designing, and advertising world may get recognition, increment, and promotion.


Venus transit in your 9th house may bring good fortune and wealth in your life. Some people may meet their ideal match during this time, and some may get married to their lovers. Your income will increase during this time.


Venus transit in your 8th house will help you succeed in metaphysics, medical research, Astrology, spirituality, and public speaking platforms during this time. Some may become teachers or professors as well. In addition, students may do well in their exams.


Venus transit in your 7th house will bring passion and romance back into your life. Those looking for new love may meet someone special. You may get a suitable partner for marriage during this time. Success in business is assured.


Venus transit in your 6th house may make you succeed in your daily work. You may recover very quickly from illness or wounds. However, some people may suffer from break ups or separation.


Venus transit in your 5th house may make you prosper during this time. Your source of income may increase. You may earn from multiple sources. Some people may meet their soul mate or get connected with their soul mate during this time.


Venus transit in your 4th house may bring peace and harmony back in your domestic and married life. You may indulge in pleasure, and there will be a lot of comfort around you. Fortune will be on your side. Your spouse may bring some gains as well.


Venus transit in your 3rd house may make you work hard for your success. There can be failures in your love affairs. However, you may earn from multiple sources during this time. Your communication skills may give you an edge over others.


Venus transit in your 2nd house will increase your wealth, savings, overall affluence, and comfort in your life. You may also buy a vehicle or property during this time. Your business will also prosper and flourish.


Venus transit in your 1st house may bring success and happiness in your life. You will be victorious over your competitors. You may become very popular socially. Some people might also meet their soul mate.


Venus in the 12th house will bring all sorts of luxuries. You may live an aristocratic life. You may spend lavishly on your leisure and pleasures. Your married life will be happy. Some people may attain popularity and success in foreign lands.


Your work or business will flourish during this time. Your business may bring gains and good profits. Singles may meet someone special at a party or social gathering. Some people may also get married to the person of their choice.

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