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Which Rudraksha is Best?

Rudraksha is closely associated with Hinduism. It is a seed that is used as a prayer bead. The Rudraksha is mostly associated with Shiva, the Supreme Being of Shaivism, and one among the Holy Trinity, besides Brahma, and Vishnu. Rudraksha emanates from Sanskrit. ‘Rudra’ is a Vedic name of Shiva, one of his fiery forms. ‘Aksha’ means teardrops. ‘Aksh’ in Sanskrit can also mean eye.

The Rudraksha is worn for protection and for chanting the mantra- ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’ It is believed that the Rudraksha came into being as the teardrops of Lord Shiva fell on earth after he awakened from his meditation of one thousand years. The teardrops were collected by Mother Earth as seedsLor and blossomed into Rudraksha trees. The source of the Rudraksha is the Elaeocarpus Granitus, an evergreen tree found at the Himalayan foothills.

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Which Rudraksha is Best

The Rudraksha has different Mukhis (faces). In ancient times, the Rudraksha had up to 108 Mukhis. Most of the beads have between four to six lines. Those beads having one vertical line are a rarity.

The beads can be brown, white, red, yellow, and black. Each bead takes nearly five years to mature. Hence, they are highly valuable and rather rare to find.

Wearing a Rudraksha can offer protection, bestow balance, and peace in one’s life. The general tradition is to wear108 Rudraksha beads, especially in India. It is considered sacred and is suitable for 108 times to recite a short mantra. It is threaded as 108 plus 1. The extra bead is the ‘Meru,’ ‘Bindu,’ or the ‘Guru’ bead, signifying the beginning and end of a cycle of 108. The Rudraksha serves as a Japa Mala (prayer necklace), and the beads are counted while chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ to cleanse and purify the mind, body, and soul.

If you want to purchase the Rudraksha, it is imperative to check certain aspects first. The Rudraksha must be an original one so that it can benefit you. You can check trusted suppliers and then make the purchase. Do not borrow money to buy it.

The Rudraksha has anywhere between 1 to 21 Mukhis. Each has different benefits. Check them to assess what suits your personality. It is better to check with an individual with knowledge of the energy of the Rudraksha before you go ahead with the purchase. The higher the number of Mukhis, the price will be higher.

Which Rudraksha is best suited for you? One must identify the purpose of wearing a Rudraksha, which can resolve any issues. One Rudraksha Mala makes a difference. It is called the Siddha Mala Rudraksha.

According to the Shiva Purana, anyone wearing beads from one to fourteen Mukhis is filled with the essence of Shiva (eternal joy), called Shivatva. This Mala includes the Gauri Shankar and the Ganesh Rudraksha. This Mala is recommended for those wanting the benefits of wearing the 14 Mukhis. For those who are spiritually inclined, it enhances their spiritual growth. One can gain knowledge, seek a balance of one’s Chakra, and gain positivity.

Wearing the Siddha Mala Rudraksha is recommended for meditation as it provides a good balance to the Chakras. Anyone seeking remedies for disease and ill health and to achieve their goals can also wear the Siddha Mala. Wear the Rudraksha around your neck.

Are you aware of how beneficial the Siddha Mala Rudraksha can be? The Siddha Mala can protect you from any negative energy like hatred or envy, which could hamper your progress and impact you in a harmful way. The Siddha Mala encompasses you with positive energy and shields you from the negativity that hinders your success. It encases your energy and uses that as a shield against negative influences.

The Siddha Mala also is a symbol of protection and helps you control your emotions, be it anger, frustration, or insecurity. It has many curative powers. The presence of the Mala has a positive effect on your health. It reduces blood pressure, upper back pain, cures insomnia, relieves digestive disorders, and calms your nerves. It reduces tension and stress. It increases your energy levels, keeping you happy and calm.

The Mala has the power to sharpen your focus and enhances your memory. It increases your knowledge and can help you during meditation as the focus is important. It helps you mentally balance everything.

The Mala makes you peaceful and keeps you in sound health. It can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your career goals. It can bring a lot of harmony into your life.

For those of you wanting to tread the path of spirituality and achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, wearing this Mala can help and guide you in your path. Choosing the Siddha Mala Rudraksha can guide and protect you for a lifetime. It can bestow several benefits upon you that can enhance your mental and physical health.

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