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Why Venus Transit Is One of the Most Important Events in Astrology

Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure. In astrology, it represents love, relationships, spouse, marriage, prosperity, luxuries, jewelry, vehicles, etc. It is a charming planet that rules sophisticated and refined tastes. As the significator of romance, it is at its most exalted when it is in a free-flowing sign of water like Pisces, a sign of duality and emotions.

Venus presides over the second house, which is associated with accumulated wealth, communication, taste buds, and speech. The zodiac signs it rules are Taurus and Libra. Libra is the seventh house of vocations, partnerships (both personal and professional) marriage, etc. Venus is feminine in nature and blesses a person with a beautiful appearance and charming persona when it is well-placed well in the birth chart. It can also give one a sweet tongue and aptitude in the arts, especially music. When well-placed, the person will be wealthy and fortunate enough to enjoy good food, material comforts, and a luxurious lifestyle. Venus is near the Sun, and it takes only around 23 days to transit from one Zodiac sign when it is in direct motion. Venus transit in 2021 will have different impacts on each person’s life.

Why Venus Transit Is One of the Most Important Events in Astrology

Importance of Venus in Astrology

Venus is called the sister or twin planet of Earth and is the second planet from the Sun. It’s a little smaller than Earth. Venus takes around 225 Earth days to make one complete revolution around the Sun. The planet has many volcanoes and is very hot (around 450°C).

Venus is also called Shukra. Shukrawar or Friday is named after it. In astrology, white is its color. Diamond is the gemstone associated with it. Venus rules the zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra, and the second and seventh houses of astrology. Venus is also described as the Goddess of Love.

Venus signifies wealth, music, beauty, love, connection, marriage, spouse, maternal love, creativity, arts, media, fashion, etc.

The Effects of Venus Transit in Various Astrological Houses

Venus Transit in the First House- Venus transit from the house of the Ascendant to the Moon sign is very beneficial. During this time, marriage prospects will be good. The native may be very interested in art, music, and love affairs. He/she becomes socially active and will be able to establish good connections in society.

Venus Transit in the Second House- This is a transit that is very auspicious for Venus-oriented natives. It indicates love for one’s children, attraction to women, and addition to the family. Also, one’s desire for a prosperous life may increase. Love relationships become deeper and stronger during this transit.

Venus Transit in the Third House- The transit of Venus in this house brings monetary wealth, prosperity, respect, new place, as well as the destruction of enemies. The desire for an exchange of ideas and discussions will increase. It also indicates the possibility of meeting with one’s siblings.

Venus Transit in the Fourth House- When Venus is in the Fourth house, there are good chances of getting support from friends. One will feel more responsible towards one’s family. There may also be an effort to create a balance in personal life, and the native may make attempts to improve their relationship.

Venus Transit in the Fifth House- Venus Transit here helps one’s brothers to get auspicious results. The person’s charm will increase, and so will the romance factor in their life. They will develop a special interest in art and music. In addition, they will be humble and soft in their speech and attitude.

Venus Transit in the Sixth House- Venus Transit here gives good as well as bad results. There may be problems from one’s enemies, but there will be help from the brother and the maternal side. In the romance department, the search for your soulmate is likely to bear fruit. Relationships with colleagues will improve.

Venus Transit in the Seventh House- Venus Transit in this house causes fear of loss from women. Venus in this position can give rise to sensuality. During this time, one desires to live a peaceful and relaxed life. The native’s enemies will be destroyed Venus’ influence.

Venus Transit in the Eighth House- This transit helps people to own their dream house. A tendency to imbibe alcoholic beverages and get close to a beautiful lady may be present. Chances of coming into sudden wealth will be strong, and with the partner’s help, the native will be able to enhance their wealth. Relationships built during this time will last longer.

Venus Transit in the Ninth House- When Venus transits through this house, the native will develop altruistic tendencies and become cheerful and wealthy. They will acquire beautiful clothes. There will be a desire to travel abroad. There is also a possibility of getting into a love relationship with a person belonging to another religion or community.

Venus Transit in the Tenth House- This transit is not considered as good. It will not be accompanied by luck, and there could be a dispute. Mental disturbances are possible and physical abilities may be affected. Higher expenses can result in debt, too. Fear of enemies is likely.

Venus Transit in the Eleventh House- The transit of Venus here brings economic stability and the ability to repay debts. Venus adds sweetness to life, and the native will become more popular. The person will want to buy household goods like vehicles, jewelry, and delicious food. The native may acquire a house/property due to Venus’ grace.

Venus Transit in the Twelfth House- In this house, there will be mixed results. One’s financial situation will be good initially, but later there will be a sudden loss of money and expenses. Fear of robbery at home may cause worries. Domestic harmony will be good.


Venus Transit in 2021 will affect each one of us differently, based on our birth chart. For some, it will be good, and for others, it may be bad. Some may experience mixed results. Venus will transit in Pisces on 17th March 2021 at 02:49 am and will remain there till 10th April 20, 2021. In Pisces, Venus will be at its highest point, as it is Venus’ exalted sign. As Venus is a very important planet that influences human affairs, it is a good idea to consult an astrologer and find out how Venus Transit 2021 will play out in your life.

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